Point and shoot digital cameras – why I like using them

I have been a dreamer throughout my life. I had this dream to be a photographer whose photo-shoots and exhibitions would take the world by surprise. Well, after spending 48 years of my life as a banker I decided to give my best shot on my most cherished reverie to be a photographer.


I must confess that even though I always had this dream, but I had no clue about which is the best camera available today. So I took advice of my grandson who is a gadget guru. He advised me to buy the best point and shoot camera for wildlife if this is where I will be using it. I was very confident about his suggestion so I went ahead and got this amazing point and shoot digital camera by Sony. I have been using it for two months now and in a position to admit that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Here are my views about why I like this camera so much.


Clear Images

I am really astonished by the clarity of images that I am able to shoot. The camera is digital so it captures the real colors.  This point and blank camera completely complements my vision of the scene I want to capture. I just get images as I want them with no distortion at all. Yeah! The good count of megapixels does the trick for me and I get all the credit for outstanding clicks.



The whole optical system provided in my point and shoot digital camera offers me another capability. I can zoom as close I want. With this advantage on my side I get highly detailed and expressive images of flowers and birds that make favorite theme of my photography.


Easy settings

I cannot control the natural light and shades. My camera gives me some great options to set the camera in a way that I manage to have amazing images in spite of limitation on external factors. I can control light sensitivity and apply special preloaded effects. The autofocus ability of the camera do wonders when I am shooting people (With camera! Of course)


LCD screen for preview.

Whatever I photograph I can have an immediate look on the results of my creativity on the LCD screen provided in my digital camera. I can delete any image that is not up to my standards and try again for  a better capture.

I am coming up with my first exhibition in the last weekend of this month. I am totally in love with my first ever point and shoot digital camera. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, I am sure that this gadget will be an excellent choice for you as well.