How to buy the perfect blow dryer for your hair type



I have not come across anyone who is happy with his/her natural hair. If a list of such disgruntled own-hair-haters is ever made I will be the first in that list. People like me are constantly under an unknown pressure to find newer ways to transform their hair into their dream style. The most essential of these hair managing and grooming tools is a blow dryer.  Believe me you cannot buy a blow dryer randomly especially if your hair is accustomed only with the best blow dryers. Yes of course brand, quality, settings provided are essential features to look into before getting a blow dryer. But the pivoting guide to buy a perfect blow dryer is your own hair.

Your blow dryer must cater to the needs of your hair. It must improve your hair in texture and look. So here is a set of rules you can follow to buy an ideal blow dryer for your hair type.


Photo source: Wikihow

Curly hair

If you have been battling with those unruly curls all your life then look for a blow dryer that is made from ceramic. The reason for this choice is that this kind of blow dryer uses infrared heat and dry hair from the inside out. This ensures that the moisture in your hair is retained, controlling curls to a great extent. Its wattage must also be in higher range because these stubborn hair need a real hot blow to manage them.

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hairs are more of a delicate kind and are prone to breakage. Your blow dryer must be able to do the damage control here. You can reliably trust a blow dryer that comes with tourmaline or thermal ionic technology. These type of blow dryers do not fry up your hair while managing the heat required. It retains the natural dampness of this kind of hair while improving on the lost luster in your hair.

Fine Hair

Never go for a blow dryer with powerful heating for this hair type. They will be blown with the overheating to the point of total damage. Select a blow dryer with anti overheating control and low heat settings to preserve the fineness of your hair.

Thick hair

Thick hair are generally quite strong to handle any kind of care or un-care. Thick hair need a dryer that dries faster, so a high wattage blow dryer will be the best option. If your hair is thick and glossy go for a ceramic one. But if your hair are dull as well, then get a blow dryer with ionic technology so that while drying your hair quickly the dryer adds to the sheen also.



Why I prefer corded vacuum cleaners over cordless models

Vacuum cleaners are no doubt a revolutionary gadget to help the house keepers in keeping their homes clean and sparkling.  Their numerous benefits like speed of operation, dust collection, deep cleaning, efficiency on different surfaces like hard floors or carpets makes them superior in comparison to brooms and brushes.

Two main categories of vacuum cleaners are available in the current age-corded and cordless. I prefer the corded vacuum cleaners over cordless ones due to the following reasons

  • The corded vacuum cleaners are dependable since they don’t need any charging. I can do as much cleaning as I wish without worrying about charging it after every hour of cleaning.
  • The cordless vacuums are meant to be lightweight and handy due to their structure and demand. If you see other aspect of this advantage is that the cordless vacuum cleaners will be not very powerful since the limit on its motor will be defined by the batteries it is getting power from. Batteries can provide only a limited power supply. My home is big  with four kids and two burly pets. I cannot  clean all the mess created by this mischievous pack with a small and limited cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • I have seen the cordless vacuum cleaners in numerous homes. I must admit that I am not very impressed by its suction ability. I am really happy with the strong suction of my corded vacuum cleaner.
  • My friends who own vacuum cleaners without cord start looking for a better model after every two or three years. I have been using my corded vacuum cleaner for last five years with no complaints at all. I am pretty sure that it will go like this for another three years. I feel very happy for this decision and a wise investment.
  • The cordless vacuum needs battery replacement when the batteries are worn out. So, it is an extra cost that the owners have to bear.
  • I never have to worry that whether my vacuum cleaner is charged or not before using it. All I need to do is plug and clean. But in case of cordless vacuum cleaners, if you forget to charge it, next time you may have to wait for many hours before you get it charged and complete your cleaning task.

I personally find using corded vacuum cleaners easy and efficient. Others may differ on my views. To sum up a corded vacuum cleaner is a clear winner in efficiency and dependability.

How to pick a good flat iron for short hair

It is known that short hair restrict experiment in looks and allow very little room for styling. But that is not true, at least not in today’s world where you have a plethora of tools and gadgets to shape and set hair in whatever way you want. There are several awesome gigs that you can do with your hairs, with the right tools in your hand. One such hair styling accessory is the flat iron.

Different types and lengths of hairs require different kinds of flat irons. Sometimes, the best flat iron may not be as good for short hairs as those rated below them might be.

While choosing a flat iron for short hair type, you must look for the gadget which is small in size and sleek in shape. It must have minimal housing and should be easily held in hand. The bottom-line is that you must be comfortable and feel convenient while you work on your cropped hair. Narrow plates are helpful in getting through the short strands. They will allow thorough application throughout the roots and work efficiently.


The size of the iron may also vary according to your hair texture. If you have short and straight hairs then the appropriate size can be 1 to 1.5 inches, but if your hairs are short and coarse/curly then the size must not go down from 1.5 inches.

Go for a lightweight unit because for short hair you will require to hold the tool above your head the entire duration of styling. Hence a lightweight flat iron is suggested for short hair types.

Choose a Tourmaline surfaced flat iron because while working on short hairs the tool will be held close to the hair roots and scalp for a very long duration and tourmaline heating will prevent the damage due to this prolonged exposure to heat.

Here is list of some of the most reliable and popular flat irons for short hair

  • CHI Air Style Series Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron: Good for normal and straight hairs. It is lightweight and only an inch broad to provide precise styling from tip to root.
  • Babyliss Pro porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron: This 1.5 inch broad straightener is great for coarse/thick/curly short hair type.
  • Elchim Ceramic Flat Iron: Another not so popular yet counts for reliability; this 1 inch broad straightener is a prudent investment for short hair.