Why I prefer corded vacuum cleaners over cordless models

Vacuum cleaners are no doubt a revolutionary gadget to help the house keepers in keeping their homes clean and sparkling.  Their numerous benefits like speed of operation, dust collection, deep cleaning, efficiency on different surfaces like hard floors or carpets makes them superior in comparison to brooms and brushes.

Two main categories of vacuum cleaners are available in the current age-corded and cordless. I prefer the corded vacuum cleaners over cordless ones due to the following reasons

  • The corded vacuum cleaners are dependable since they don’t need any charging. I can do as much cleaning as I wish without worrying about charging it after every hour of cleaning.
  • The cordless vacuums are meant to be lightweight and handy due to their structure and demand. If you see other aspect of this advantage is that the cordless vacuum cleaners will be not very powerful since the limit on its motor will be defined by the batteries it is getting power from. Batteries can provide only a limited power supply. My home is big  with four kids and two burly pets. I cannot  clean all the mess created by this mischievous pack with a small and limited cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • I have seen the cordless vacuum cleaners in numerous homes. I must admit that I am not very impressed by its suction ability. I am really happy with the strong suction of my corded vacuum cleaner.
  • My friends who own vacuum cleaners without cord start looking for a better model after every two or three years. I have been using my corded vacuum cleaner for last five years with no complaints at all. I am pretty sure that it will go like this for another three years. I feel very happy for this decision and a wise investment.
  • The cordless vacuum needs battery replacement when the batteries are worn out. So, it is an extra cost that the owners have to bear.
  • I never have to worry that whether my vacuum cleaner is charged or not before using it. All I need to do is plug and clean. But in case of cordless vacuum cleaners, if you forget to charge it, next time you may have to wait for many hours before you get it charged and complete your cleaning task.

I personally find using corded vacuum cleaners easy and efficient. Others may differ on my views. To sum up a corded vacuum cleaner is a clear winner in efficiency and dependability.

Shopping for a GPS unit for your next holiday

GPS is a navigation system that provides the geographic location and information about the time without any fault. GPS unit is a very handy system to have in your vehicle when you go out on a holiday. Let us see why.

One of my friends went on a vacation in his car along with his family. During his journey, he was very sure about the way to his holiday resort. But, on the route to the resort, he lost his way and reached somewhere. It was an isolated area. So, there was no one to help him. Even his phone was dead. He struggled and had to spend the whole night with his family in a deserted area without knowing how to go back.

Many people are likely to face similar situations when they go for a holiday. They don’t know the exact route and struggle to find their way to their destination. To solve the problem, I recommend to use a GPS system in their vehicle. There is no need to go for an expensive model if you are just looking for a GPS system that shows the route and map correctly. You can get a reasonably good GPS system without draining your pocket.

This is the best time to buy a GPS system, the competition from the Smartphone industry has resulted in reducing the price of the GPS system. You can get a good standalone cost effective GPS system easily nowadays. Here are some basic things that you should have in your GPS system.

The size of the screen is an important factor in deciding the GPS system. The current standard size is 5 inches but you can get units with lesser size at a lower price. Most GPS systems come up with in-built maps of the United States. If you need additional maps, you can easily download using your PC.  Before you start on your holiday, make sure your maps are updated as the roads keep changing.

Bluetooth calling is another useful feature that needs to be present in your GPS unit. By enabling Bluetooth, you can easily sync your contacts from the Smartphone and make hands-free calls using the GPS system.  All these essential features are generally present in a GPS unit and do not cost you more than $200.

When I decided to buy a GPS unit before we left for our holiday last summer, I checked various models and finally purchased the Garmin Nuvi 2350LMT. I had to shell out less than $150 and got all the necessary features that made my holiday an outing to remember.

Convertible car seats – the best investment you could make.

Buying stuff for babies is a tough job, especially if have been no experience in this. And since things are for the BABIES, and most of the times, things we buy are foreign. People tend to become extra conscious before making any choices. Car seats are one such difficult decision, and in that too, the kind of car seats that one must choose becomes a big question all the time. In my opinion, convertible car seats are a better investment over traditional ones or any other type.



What are they?

These are the special seats that you can set up in your car to seat an infant or a toddler. They can be used for infants to keep them facing the rear and for the toddlers to face front of the vehicle. They usually come with 5-point harness that is built into the car seat model itself. This holds the baby at a place and ensures safety while driving or on a sudden halt.


Why are they better?

Convertible car seats are way safer than other car seats because they remain fixed at a place and hold the baby strongly at one place. So, children are protected in a bumpy ride from the upheavals of uneven roads. Many convertible car seats come with higher rear facing weight limits that helps parents keep their babies rear facing for better protection, up to two years of age. This is one of the major advantages of using a convertible seat.

Moreover, convertible car seats are a long term investment. Children grow really fast and if you start with an infant-only seat then you may probably be forced to replace it within four to six months to match the growing kid’s weight and physique. It is better to shift to the convertible or a bigger one. However, if you buy a convertible seat the very first time, you won’t have to replace the outgrown units frequently and that too until your child is two years old (in most cases) or the seat gets damaged due to overuse. This is because most convertible seats fit babies with around 5 to 40 pounds weight.

This also saves a lot of money because as you are skipping the infant-only seat and directly picking up the next level seat, you save a lot on your budget and time.

Therefore, convertible car seats are always my first recommendations to all those parents who are right now contemplating to buy a new car seat for their kiddo.

Finding a good mattress if you’re suffering from back pains

In current age of stress and hectic work schedules elderly as well as the young people suffer from back pain ranging from mild to severe. The reason can also be contributed to unhealthy lifestyle and sleeping on wrong type of mattress. Improper mattress cause strained muscles and spine resulting in wrong sleeping postures and lower back pain.

Looking back at the 20 years, several medical studies were conducted to make perfect mattress to relieve the back pain. The hard or firm mattress was the choice of many physicians. Later the myth that “harder the mattress, better it is for back” proved wrong.



By the year 2003, a new study was done on people with lower back pain. Some were given firm mattresses and few others were made to sleep on semi-firm mattresses. The study reported some shocking results contradicting the existing theories about mattresses. The patients who used medium-firm mattress felt better after few days and were more active during the day than those who slept on hard mattresses. They felt less pain while sleeping as well as after rising from the bed.

The health professionals thus came to conclusion that too-hard mattress would exert more pressure on the body parts since there is less contact of body with the mattress, thus causing pain. The medium mattress on the other hand distributes the pressure evenly on the body.

So, in order to have a sound sleep, relieving the pressure points was considered most important factor in lowering the back pain. So it is pertinent to consider change of mattress which has been in use for more than 7 years. It has been proved that people sleeping on new mattresses felt lesser pain than sleeping on old and deformed mattresses. Price is another factor. Medium to high priced mattress perform better than low cost mattresses.

Recent study has uncovered more facts about preferred mattresses for back pain. A mattress made with memory foam as the top most layer is  the best  to reduce the lower back pain significantly. The memory foam mattress minimizes stiffness in back and shoulders when you lie on the bed after a tough day at workplace. It molds taking the shape of body and creates maximum contact with the body, thus providing more comfort to you.

Wrapping up the article, it can be mentioned that the mattress that provides maximum comfort and does not cause any stiffness is the best for you and your back pain.

Why I prefer to use cheap radar detectors – they are easily replaced

Do you believe in radar detectors? After I got two tickets for speeding, I decided it is time for me to have a radar detector installed in my car. Radar detectors give the driver timely alerts to warn him about how speedily he is driving. Thus, the driver can slow down and drive safely. I did some research and found out that you can get very good radar detectors but they can cost you a lot of money. I was not ready to spend so much on a radar detector.

So, I decided to go for a cheap radar detector. Cheap doesn’t mean that the radar detectors lack in any features. Neither does it mean that the radar detectors last only for two or three months. They are reasonably good products that have good features and last long. The advantage of going for cheap radar detectors is that it does not cost you a fortune, and if there is any issue with it, you can easily replace it with a new one without feeling guilty.

Even if you buy an expensive model, if it stops working, the chances of getting it repaired are very less. So, it is better to go for a cheap product, right?

It was after few days of researching I found out a radar detector that costs around $50. Yes, you heard it right, it is just 50$. If you go for a high end radar detector, you might have to pay more than $600. Be it a costly one or a cheap one, you have to make sure your radar detector meets the following requirements. Without that, there is no use of having a radar detector installed in your car.

When shopping for a radar detector, make sure the radar detector you decided to buy can detect all types of radar signals. There are manufacturers who guarantee that their products detect up to 9 bands. All this is just a marketing gimmick. Never fall for such statements.

Range is another factor you need to consider. You should make sure your radar detector covers a good distance; otherwise you will land up in front of cops with all the evidence they need to give you a ticket.

Only expensive radar detectors offer guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about that factor here. By spending around $50 to $100 you can get a cheap but feature full radar detector that can be easily installed in your car. So, why worry about speed tickets? Just spend a few dollars and drive freely without fear.