Why I choose a convertible crib for my child

Yes, it is really exciting and overwhelming to shop for all those delightful small and big baby necessities out in the market. But before getting infatuated by anything that sounds cute and pretty and get ready to spend over your budget, it is of utmost important to be wise and smart and go for a long term investment. This is the reason why I feel that a convertible crib is the best kind of crib to spend the money on. It is a sensible and practical choice for all the far sighted and well-planning parents. Isn’t it very obvious and logical to buy something that can be used for years after its actual use is no more needed over something that will be good for nothing after only a year or two?

Children grow every day, and they will in no time grow enough to climb up that crib making it a useless piece of wood. But if your crib is convertible, it will serve you years after your child outgrows it.

Convertible cribs are the ones that mature with your child. They are available as two-in-one, three-in-one and even four-in-one cribs, the functionalities and costs of which grow accordingly. Their prices are mostly based on the functionalities and transition they offer (and are directly proportional to the available factors). You can buy convertible cribs even if you are a little short on budget, only that those will offer comparatively lesser features and transition. There are a range of convertible cribs available for every budget and need in the online as well as offline market.

These cribs easily convert from an infant crib into a toddler’s bed and then to a full-fledged bed for grown up children. This not only saves your time and money for buying new furniture year after year, but also saves your budget of buying new curtains and coloring to match the furniture.

This multipurpose capability of convertible cribs makes them environment friendly. Also, most of these cribs are strong enough to tolerate adult weight, which makes them useful even after your child enters pre-teen years.

Long story cut short, convertible cribs are the most prudent investments even after being expensive. They are one time, long lasting investments and hence are becoming more and more popular among parents today. So if you are out to select a baby crib for your baby, go for a convertible crib.

Convertible car seats – the best investment you could make.

Buying stuff for babies is a tough job, especially if have been no experience in this. And since things are for the BABIES, and most of the times, things we buy are foreign. People tend to become extra conscious before making any choices. Car seats are one such difficult decision, and in that too, the kind of car seats that one must choose becomes a big question all the time. In my opinion, convertible car seats are a better investment over traditional ones or any other type.



What are they?

These are the special seats that you can set up in your car to seat an infant or a toddler. They can be used for infants to keep them facing the rear and for the toddlers to face front of the vehicle. They usually come with 5-point harness that is built into the car seat model itself. This holds the baby at a place and ensures safety while driving or on a sudden halt.


Why are they better?

Convertible car seats are way safer than other car seats because they remain fixed at a place and hold the baby strongly at one place. So, children are protected in a bumpy ride from the upheavals of uneven roads. Many convertible car seats come with higher rear facing weight limits that helps parents keep their babies rear facing for better protection, up to two years of age. This is one of the major advantages of using a convertible seat.

Moreover, convertible car seats are a long term investment. Children grow really fast and if you start with an infant-only seat then you may probably be forced to replace it within four to six months to match the growing kid’s weight and physique. It is better to shift to the convertible or a bigger one. However, if you buy a convertible seat the very first time, you won’t have to replace the outgrown units frequently and that too until your child is two years old (in most cases) or the seat gets damaged due to overuse. This is because most convertible seats fit babies with around 5 to 40 pounds weight.

This also saves a lot of money because as you are skipping the infant-only seat and directly picking up the next level seat, you save a lot on your budget and time.

Therefore, convertible car seats are always my first recommendations to all those parents who are right now contemplating to buy a new car seat for their kiddo.